Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is vestibular therapy covered by my medical insurance?
Yes.  Vestibular therapy is covered under physical therapy.  Give us a call at (516) 628-7700 and we would be more than happy to verify your specific insurance coverage for you.

2) Which insurance plans do you accept?
We are participating with most insurance plans as well as Medicare, No Fault, and Worker’s Compensation.  In the event that we are non- participating with your insurance plan, you may still be covered under out of network benefits.  Give us a call at (516) 628-7700 and we will gladly verify your specific insurance coverage for you.

3) What is a Certified Vestibular Specialist?
A Certified Vestibular Specialist has received a certification in vestibular rehabilitation following advanced education and training in the vestibular system, assessment and treatment techniques, above and beyond what is covered in physical therapy doctorate programs.  A Certified Vestibular Specialist will utilize special goggles during your evaluation to complete appropriate testing necessary for an accurate and thorough assessment of your condition.

4) How long does the initial evaluation (first visit) take?
The initial visit is approximately 30-60 minutes and includes a detailed review of your history and present symptoms, testing, and may also include treatment if appropriate.  The entire initial evaluation is very long and thorough and is typically completed over the first few visits.

5) How might I feel after the first visit?  Will I be able to drive myself home?
Some of the initial testing may be symptom provoking.  Every patient is different and tolerance to this stimulation varies.  Most patients feel no different than when they walked in, while others feel more symptomatic, and still others may already be feeling better.  It is always advisable to have someone accompany you to your first visit for safety.   

6) How long are the treatment sessions?
A typical treatment session is 30 minutes.

7) Are treatment sessions one-on-one or will I be seen in a gym setting with multiple patients being treated all at once?
All treatment sessions are truly one-on-one.

8) How long should I expect to attend therapy for?
Every patient is different and it is dependent upon your diagnosis.  The length of time varies from 2-3 visits, to 6 months or more.  Most patients attend therapy for 3-4 months.